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Toyoda Gosei to Enhance Production Capacity for Interiors/Exteriors in U.S.

November 20, 2019

Kiyosu, Japan, November 20, 2019: Toyoda Gosei Co., Ltd. will enhance its production capacity for interior and exterior products at three production subsidiaries in the USA to keep up with growing sales of large products such as radiator grilles in North America.

The company will invest a total of USD60.3 million in three companies, Toyoda Gosei Texas LLC, TG Missouri Corporation, and TG Kentucky LLC by the end of FY2021. It will be used to expand plant buildings and increase equipment such as molding machines and painting equipment. With this investment, the Toyoda Gosei Group intends to grow North American sales of interior and exterior products to approximately JPY87 billion by FY2025, an increase of about 1.3 times over FY2018 sales.

Toyoda Gosei positions North America as a key market in its 2025 Business Plan, the company’s medium- and long-term business plan. The company will continue to expand its development and production network in the US in order to respond flexibly and rapidly to the needs of customers in this market.

Outline of three companies whose production capacities will be increased

1. Company name
Toyoda Gosei Texas, LLC
TG Missouri Corporation
TG Kentucky, LLC
2. Location
San Antonio, Texas
Perryville, Missouri
Lebanon, Kentucky
3. Founded
January 2005
April 1986
November 1997
4. Capital
USD22 million
USD30 million
USD54 million
5. Shareholders

Toyoda Gosei North America Corporation* 100%

Toyoda Gosei North America Corporation 80%

Mitsui & Co., Ltd. 20%

Toyoda Gosei North America Corporation 100%

6. Land area
Approx. 120,000 m2
Approx. 995,527 m2
Approx. 327,750 m2
7. Building


Approx. 35,600 m2
Approx. 126,719 m2
Approx. 60,200 m2
Approx. 23,400 m2
Approx. 120,773 m2
Approx. 58,500 m2
8. No. of employees
9. Products

Interior/exterior products

Interior/exterior products
Safety system products
Interior/exterior products
Functional parts

Investment amount

USD35.1 million

USD17 million

USD8.2 million



USD60.3 million


* Toyoda Gosei North America Corporation is a full subsidiary of Toyoda Gosei Co., Ltd. and headquarters for the America

Production network for interior and exterior products in the USA

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