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Toyoda Gosei to Exhibit at Tokyo Motor Show 2017

October 10, 2017

Kiyosu, Japan, October, 2017: Toyoda Gosei Co., Ltd. will exhibit at the Tokyo Motor Show 2017, to be held at Tokyo Big Sight from Wednesday, October 25 to Sunday, November 11.

Toyoda Gosei is a specialist in the fields of rubber, plastics and LEDs, and the Toyoda Gosei booth will feature a range of automotive products under the theme “Technology for Goodness—Creating Safe, Environmentally-Friendly and Comfortable Vehicles.” To show the company’s vision of the future, this year it will also introduce several concepts for the age of autonomous driving and electric vehicles.

Toyoda Gosei booth (rendering)

1. Main exhibits

1-1. Next-generation concepts (concepts for the age of autonomous driving and electric vehicles around 2020)

These modules create relaxing interior spaces inwhich more of the driving is left to the vehicle. In addition to an instrumentpanel and console box that function as a human-machine interface (HMI), a next-generation steering wheel is able to sense the driver’s condition with cameras and sensors.

(2) Next-generation front module

Grille modules comprising the radiator grilleand other exterior components are equipped with cameras and millimeter waveradar for autonomous driving systems. “Exterior communication lamps” will alsoserve an HMI function to inform people around of the vehicle’s conditions andintentions. A plastic body is used to reduce the weight compared with metal.

1-2. Future concepts (designconcept model imagining ultra-compact vehicles of around the year 2030)

(1) Flesby II (exterior concept)
In the event of contact with a pedestrian, the soft body serves a safety function in absorbing the impact. It also serves in communicating with surrounding drivers and pedestrians though LED lights. The use of e-Rubber, a next-generation rubber that moves with electric power, is envisioned to change the shape of the body.

(2) Flesby II (interior concept)

Sit in this concept model to experience for yourself the softly-textured material that envelops vehicle occupants, the soothing space created with LED lighting, and the communication function between the vehicle and its occupants.

1-3. Wire frame demonstration car for safety and environmental friendliness

 Toyoda Gosei manufactures products that contribute to improved safety performance, such as airbags and millimeter wave radar compatible emblems, and products that contribute to improved environmental performance, such as plastic fuel filler pipes, lightweight weatherstrips and automotive LED products. This demonstration car makes it easy to understand the location and features of each of these products.

2. Press briefing

Toyoda Gosei President Naoki Miyazaki will give a press briefing at the following time and place. Everyone is welcome

12:00–12:15, Thursday, October 26, 2017
Tokyo Big Sight Toyoda Gosei Booth (East Hall 5 E5101)
President Naoki Miyazaki

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