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Number of
trees planted


Area of trees planted


sq. feet
(61,630 sq. meters)

Number of participants


Toyoda Gosei Global Afforestation Project
as of September 2015

More about afforestation

Professor Akira Miyawaki is a Professor Emeritus of Yokohama National University and has given guidance on tree-planting that has resulted in more than 40 million trees in more than 1,700 locations in Japan and abroad. For his enormous achievements, Professor Miyawaki has received the Medal with Purple Ribbon and was the first Japanese ever to receive the “Blue Planet Prize,” which is known as a Nobel Prize in the environmental field.

Aiming at “promoting the afforestation of factories,” “enhancing environmental awareness and fostering a sense of solidarity” and “integrating with hosting communities,” our company started a “Plant Afforestation Project” in 2009 with the target of planting “600,000 trees at our 60 bases around the world.” In this project, we are promoting activities under the supervision of Professor Miyawaki, a world leading authority in tree-planting.