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Corporate Governance

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Toyoda Gosei is committed to high standards of business ethics and integrity, as well as to observance of and compliance with the laws and regulations governing our business operations.

We are committed to providing high value products and earning customer trust through the quality of our products, responsiveness, and accountability to our customers. We recognize the importance of credibility and trustworthiness to our success as a business in our relationships with our customers, our shareholders, our employees, and our communities.

Under the corporate philosophy of Toyoda Gosei and its Principles, Toyoda Gosei maintains its everlasting basic policy of contributing to society through our fair business practices. While adhering to this basic policy, in order to seek sustainable corporate growth and to increase corporate value over the mid-to-long term, we believe that it is critical to ensure transparency and fairness of management activities through appropriate corporate governance, as well as to draw up and implement a growth strategy using our management resources to the utmost extent, with the key word being “innovation.” We are committed to further enhancing our corporate governance in accordance with the following basic ideas.

Basic Ideas Concerning Corporate Governance:

a) We will disclose corporate information appropriately and ensure transparency.

b) We will emphasize the Board of Directors’ functions to make decisions on basic policy, including strategies, as well as to supervise management. We will also focus on developing a system and operating the Board of Directors to ensure the effectiveness of such functions. In respect of executive operations, to execute operations in response to changes in the business environment. From a viewpoint of ensuring sound management, we commit to strengthening audits by corporate auditors and full-time corporate auditors work with our internal audit department and accounting auditors to ensure the lawful and proper management.

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