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Corporate Information

Establishing a Presence in the Americas

In the 1980s, The Toyoda Gosei Group decided it was time to expand beyond the Asian region. The global industry had been growing, and a plant in the Americas was necessary to support customers' needs. By 1987, Toyoda Gosei Americas had established three locations in the U.S. and Canada to produce safety systems and weatherstrips.

Since then, we have expanded to 24 locations, extending south through Mexico and Brazil. Our product line has also expanded to include interior, exterior, and functional components.






Our Corporate Philosophy

Boundless Creativity and Social Contribution

Good Corporate Citizenship

We, as a good corporate citizen, contribute to the economy and society through community-based business activities and social action programs.

Proper Business Operation

We promote business operations with integrity through the establishment of a system founded on thorough compliance and corporate ethics.

Sustainable Growth

We aim to build up the TG Group’s collective strength through an open and fair relationship with suppliers, through a mutually strengthened corporate structure and innovative management response to change.

Customer Satisfaction

We aim to provide products and services with satisfying quality and price in a timely manner, through forward-looking R&D and production engineering.

Conservation of Global Environment and Resources

We aim to conserve the global environment and resources in order to hand down a greener world to our children through every business activity, which includes cooperation with society and the development of an environment-friendly product and manufacturing process.

Respect For The Individual

We aim to establish a vibrant corporate culture through respect for individuality and the value of enhanced teamwork, based on shared responsibility and mutual trust between employees and management.

Toyoda Gosei Profiles

Global Locations

View our 26 Americas locations and 67 global locations.

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