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Employee Profiles

Travis Langton

Travis Langton Weatherstrip Engineer

5 years with Toyoda Gosei
Troy, Michigan, USA

"When I learned about the weatherstrip engineer position at Toyoda Gosei, I was immediately interested in the opportunity because of the growth potential for my career. Weatherstrips are a commodity that interface with so many other parts, so I have learned a lot about vehicles as a whole. As further training, I was offered an opportunity to relocate to Japan for 6 months to learn from my colleagues at our global headquarters. I made some very strong relationships with my Japanese coworkers and have a better understanding of the culture and company. Toyoda Gosei values the importance of succeeding as a group and acknowledging everyone’s effort."

Monica Cook

Monica Cook Assembly Supervisor

12 years with Toyoda Gosei
New Albany, Indiana, USA

"If you want a career and not just a job, you need to work at TG .  You can grow with the company and advance in your career. I started as a factory tech and was promoted to Assembly Supervisor. There is always something new you can learn at this company and that is what I like most. TG always wants to improve and implement Kaizens. As a supervisor, I am encouraged to  listen to my people, get their input, and then make improvements that better the company."

Ricardo Morales

Ricardo Morales General Administration, Assistant General Manager

4 years with Toyoda Gosei
Matamoros, Tamaulipas, Mexico

"Toyoda Gosei is a group that really cares about people. We take care of our people by developing skills, furthering education, and offering new opportunities. Our team members are not just a number, and TG is passionate that team member safety is a priority. In TGRMX we have a safety slogan: “Safety is not first, it's always.”


Keita Nishikawara Sales Coordinator

9 years with Toyoda Gosei.
Nagoya, Japan

"I work for Toyoda Gosei at the global headquarters in Japan and I currently am on a four year assignment at Toyoda Gosei North America as a Japanese Coordinator in the Sales Department. TG has automotive customers globally and I am excited that I am able to work with other cultures and share the ‘TG Way.’ As a Japanese Coordinator, my job is to keep constant communication between our customers, our manufacturing facilities in the Americas, and our regional and global headquarters. I really enjoy the opportunity to work with so many diverse people."

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