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Toyoda Gosei to Launch Deep UV LED Water Purification Unit

September 25, 2020

Toyoda Gosei Co., Ltd.has developed deep UV LED light modules for use in eliminating viruses and bacteria.1 As the first mass-produced application, deep UV LED water purification units are used on water recirculating WOSH portable wash stands, which will be sold by WOTA Corp.2 from November 2020.

WOSH portable washstands purify and reuse water many times, and so can be used outdoors, at store entrances and other places where the water supply is limited. In addition to regular filter and chlorine purification, these innovative washstands use deep UV irradiation to achieve a higher level of purification to support safer and healthier living wherever they are used.

WOTA’s philosophy of Water Freedom For Everyone, Everywhere resonates with Toyoda Gosei’s corporate aim to contribute socially. The partnership between the two companies will be deepened with Toyoda Gosei’s purchase of convertible bonds from WOTA in September 2020, the most recent of its corporate venture capital investments.

Toyoda Gosei continues to venture into innovations that leverage its core strengths by partnering with startups and research institutes with the aim of contributing to a sustainable society.

1 DeepUV LEDs emit short wavelength UV light that removes viruses and bacteria by destroying their genetic materials. These LEDs are promising as a new purifying light source that can be used in place of mercury lamps, for which there is environmental concern.

2 Founded in 2014 as a startup from Tokyo Univ., WOTA aims to create decentralized, autonomous water recirculation systems in society. Its business centers on R&D and the supply of next-generation independent water infrastructure. It includes support for earthquake/storm disaster areas around Japan with the supply of outdoor shower stands that purify and reuse water

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