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Toyoda Gosei Launches HYPERSUNLIGHT Desk Lamp

October 27, 2020

Less blue light makes it easy on the eyes

Toyoda Gosei Co., Ltd. has been developing new products1 that contribute to achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. One example is recently launched desk lamps with HYPERSUNLIGHT LEDs that are easy on the eyes.

Compared with conventional LEDs, HYPERSUNLIGHT emits light that is closer to natural sunlight and emits less blue light, for which there is concern about negative effects on the human body. These LED desk lamps are promising for use in a wide range of settings, like home and offices, as light that is energy-efficient and contributes to health and comfort.2

Toyoda Gosei will continue to aim for sustainable growth by providing products that contribute to the environment, health and safety.

*1 Products made with cut remnants of airbag fabric or the leather used for steering wheels, and products that contribute to clean living environments using LED and other technology.

*2 In a joint study with Nagoya Institute of Technology, the efficiency in performing a simple task (number of responses in a test of repeated simple addition tasks) increased 5.4% under HYPERSUNLIGHT compared with conventional LEDs.In a joint study with Tokyo Denki University, the rise of beta brain waves, which increase when stress is felt, was inhibited 60% with HYPERSUNLIGHT. (Both internal studies.)

Color:White, Black
Illuminance:Approx. 2,200 lx(White), Approx. 2,000 lx(Black)
Features:A touch sensor switch and an outlet attached (up to 200W) (not including smartphones and chargers)
Price:6,980 JPY

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