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Toyoda Gosei Starts Sample Shipments of e-Rubber “Smart Insoles”

June 15, 2021

Kiyosu, Japan, June 15, 2021: Toyoda Gosei Co., Ltd. has developed “Smart Insoles” with embedded e-Rubber* sensors that can obtain foot pressure data during movement. The company began shipping samples of Smart Insoles to a golf school operated by Mizuno Corporation (Mizuno Golf Studio, OzoneBranch) in June 2021.

Smart Insoles are light and durable, and can measure subtle changes in foot pressure with high accuracy by taking advantage of the feature of e-Rubber as a thin, flexible sensor. With the insoles, shifts in bodyweight when swinging a club and other data can be sensed chronologically and displayed on a tablet computer with color intensity (heat map). This will help to improve users’ golf form. A demonstration trial will be conducted together with the golf school to test the use of Smart Insoles. General sales are also planned as functions are added in a dedicated app to include accumulation and analysis of data and other features. Toyoda Gosei will lead the products to future services to help athletes in various sports improve.

Toyoda Gosei is also collaborating with companies, local government agencies, and medical institutions to explore not only sports applications but also applications in the healthcare field such as early detection(preventive medicine) of weakening of the legs with age.

*e-Rubber is a next-generation rubber that moves with electricity. It can act asa thin, flexible sensor that can detect even very small weights or as an actuatorthat reacts instantaneously to voltage turned on and off.

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