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Toyoda Gosei Announces 2030 Business Plan

August 9, 2023

Kiyosu, Japan, August 9, 2023: Toyoda Gosei Co., Ltd. has announced a medium to long-term management plan, called the 2030 Business Plan, to provide social values for changing mobility society and achieve sustainable growth into the future.

Toyoda Gosei aspires to become a company that pursues the possibilities of polymers to contribute to a future of better mobility and living.

For this aim, the company will deliver high values of “Safety,” centered on its safety systems, “Comfort” based on its interior and exterior automotive products, and “Decarbonization” through new businesses using polymer materials.

The basic policy for achieving that is to concentrate management resources in safety systems, interiors and exteriors, and other business areas where the company can create both social value and economic value. Priorities will be: structural reform for the growth in key business areas, regions and customers; strategic alliances and enhanced R&D and intellectual property strategy for international growth; and management innovations through organically connected people and organizations.

Social Values Toyoda Gosei delivers to society

Financial objectives

2030 Business Plan

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