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Toyoda Gosei Invests in Craif, Inc., a Startup Developing Urine Test Kits for Higher Possibility of the Early Detection of Cancer

March 5, 2024

Kiyosu, Japan, March 5, 2024: Toyoda Gosei Co., Ltd., in its efforts to pioneer new businesses to resolve societal healthcare issues, has invested1 in Craif, Inc., a startup out of Nagoya University that develops urine test kits that enhance the possibility of the early detection of cancer.

With its expertise in nanometer level processing technology in the bioscience field, Craif develops and sells test kits that can easily and highly sensitively detect the risks of seven types of cancer, including pancreatic and lung cancer, as early as cancer stage 1. These kits comprehensively and efficiently capture and measure small microRNA molecules called miRNAin urine, which are generally difficult to detect. Higher accuracy is achieved in combination with the tests using AI analysis.

Toyoda Gosei has been developing products and collaborating with other companies in the field of preventive medicine to tackle social issues brought on by increased longevity. The company will continue to cultivate healthcare businesses through activities to promote and maintain the health of its employees and those of its business partners.

1 Investment made in February 2024, through Toyoda Gosei’s Corporate Venture Capital Dept., an internal organization dedicated to these investments.

2 The amount and type of miRNA contained in urine differs depending on the type of cancer and its progression. This makes miRNA contribute to the detection of the cancer risk.

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